Maths is taught every day at Heyford Park Free School. We use a mastery approach, which believes that all children have the potential to succeed. The children have access to the same curriculum content and, rather than being extended with new learning, they deepen their conceptual understanding by tackling challenging and varied problems. Similarly, with calculation strategies, children are not simply rote learning procedures but must demonstrate their understanding of these procedures through the use of concrete materials and pictorial representations.  

All teachers use the scheme of work from the White Rose Maths Hub to guide their planning. These resources have been created in conjunction with the National College for Excellence in the Teaching of Maths (NCETM) and promote varied fluency in each area of Maths, along with problem solving and reasoning skills.  By using principle of the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach [Make it, Draw it, Write it], we seek to ensure our pupils have a true understanding of a mathematical concept. This flexible approach to learning means that teachers can adapt their teaching to meet the needs of their class as a whole and individuals within it. 

Times tables 

Times tables are taught daily from year 2 onwards, by the end of year 4 children are expected to be fluent in timetables up to 12x in order to complete the statutory multiplication check. To aid children’s learning we use regular low stakes testing in class and ask children to practise their times tables at home. 

The National Curriculum: Mathematics

HPFS Calculation Policy 2020