Pastoral Care

In the Primary School at Heyford Park Free School we believe that healthy, well rounded children have the best chance of achieving success at school and in the wider community. Children need to feel happy, safe and valued and that they are treated fairly. The school’s commitment to this runs through all strands of school life and is underpinned by our school values: Ready, Respectful and Safe. School values are shared amongst the school community and form the basis of everything that we do.

All children in the primary school belong to one of our three houses: Bader, Lindh and McGuire. The house system fosters a sense of pride, belonging and identity within their class, house and school. We recognise and celebrate the success of each individual, challenging and supporting them to be their best selves.

In the curriculum there is an emphasis on PSHE – Personal, Social, Health Education – including circle times in class where children can talk about social issues at school. All classes do weekly sports lessons which are designed to be active, creative and fun!

Pupil voice is an important aspect of life at HPFS. We have a School Council where children learn to discuss issues and talk about ways to improve their school.

The use of Restorative Practice by all staff ensures that children feel listened to and that they have a chance to give their side of things even when they are in the wrong. Children are encouraged to take responsibility and to be part of the fixing process in matters of their behaviour. When things are not going well, we think it’s important that children are able to talk about it and work to resolve their problems.

Throughout school life we are always looking for opportunities to check that children are feeling positive and enjoying school. We offer a range of extra-curricular activities to give all children a chance to shine.