The Primary Day

Drop Off and Collection

In order to avoid different bubbles mixing, the children have slightly different start and end times. Classes also meet in different locations. 

We appreciate that for some parents with more than one child you may have to wait; please adhere to social distancing if this is the case. Parents will not be allowed in the building and should drop off their child/children as swiftly as possible so that the next set of parents and children can arrive. We appreciate your support with this and understand that it is not ideal. 

Parents should follow the one-way system into school and prepare the children to line up waiting for the class teacher. Teachers will be waiting for the children and expect the children to line up quietly and walk in to school calmly, ready for learning. Teachers will ask children to use hand gel as they arrive or enter the school. Signs are in place for you to follow. 

If you have missed your time and the class has gone in please phone the office and a member of staff will meet you outside and take your child directly to the appropriate classroom. 

Drop Off  Collection (Mon-Thurs)  Collection (Fri)  Location 
Reception  8:55 am  3:10 pm  1:50 pm  Reception entrance 
Key Stage 1 (Tigers & Kangaroos)  8:45 am  3:15 pm   2:00 pm  Triangular playground 
Key Stage 1 (Koalas)  8:45 am  3:15 pm  2:00 pm  Front car park 
Lower Key Stage 2  8:40 am  3:20 pm  2:00 pm  Front car park 
Upper Key Stage 2  8:50 am  3:30 pm  2:05 pm  Front car park 



If you need to drive to school, there is a Park and Stride car park nearby which parents and carers can use. More information about parking at Heyford Park Free School


Children wear full school uniform, however, on each class’ PE day, children wear their PE kit to school.


Wraparound provision is available from 7.45am until 6 pm and more information click here.