Art and Design

The Art and Design Department

The Art and Design Department at HPFS is dedicated to nurturing critical thinking and visual literacy.  Students are encouraged to communicate ideas and meanings through a curriculum, which is designed to foster independence by differentiated and self-directed work. Students work with traditional and new media and are encouraged to experiment, persevere and arrive at their own personal solution while promoting skill building, confidence, imagination and creativity.  Incorporating art history and contemporary art, craft and design into the curriculum exposes students to global awareness and viewpoints other than their own.  Students reflect critically on both their own work and that of other people’s work, so that they develop an appreciation of art, craft and design through the judgment of quality, skill and meaning.  As a department we want to promote a love for Art and for learning that can be translated into any future career path.

Art Powerful Knwedge and Big Key Concepts