English – Vision


Within English, we strive to enthuse and enable all learners to communicate effectively orally and in writing. We want them to broaden their horizon and cultural capital by studying a range of texts- novels, poems, plays- and by exploring themes and issues from different periods in time.

The topics we study are:

Year 7

-Legends and myths

-Victorian literature: Black Beauty

-Children: comparing texts

-Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

-Modern text: Poppies/ Free!

-Poetry from various cultures


Year 8

-Victorian Literature: Frankenstein

-Nature: analysing structure of texts

-Shakespeare: Much Ado about Nothing

-Modern text: Of Mice and Men

-Poetry from WW1

-Subverted fairytales


Year 9

-Poetry about love and relationships

-Victorian literature: A Christmas Carol

-Horror genre: Stephen King extracts

-Modern text: Lord of the Flies

-Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

-Spoken language: speech writing


Year 10

-GCSE Poetry: Love and relationships OR Power and conflict cluster (5 poems)

-Modern drama: An Inspector Calls

– GCSE Poetry: Love and relationships OR Power and conflict cluster (5 more poems)

-Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (deeper analysis and revision with examination AOs lens)

– GCSE Poetry: Love and relationships OR Power and conflict cluster (last 5 poems)

-Unseen poetry: an introduction


Year 11

-Unseen poetry (Lit.), A Christmas Carol revision (Lit) and Paper 1 (Lang.)

-Romeo and Juliet revision (Lit.) and Paper 2 (Lang.)

-Paper 2 Sections B and C (Lit.) and Paper 1 (Lang.)

-Paper 2 Section A (Lit.) and Paper 2 (Lang.)

-FINAL revision for all units


Year 12 and 13

-Social and political protest: The Kite Runner

-Shakespeare: Richard ii

-Coursework 1

-Tragic elements in a text: The Great Gatsby

-Elements of social protest: unseen extracts

-Songs of innocence and experience: William Blake

-Coursework 2

-Shakespeare: Othello

-Social protest: The Handmaid’s tale


Our approach to home learning is that in years 7, 8 and 9 students must complete a half-termly Project linked to the topic studied in class. In year 7 they must choose a minimum of 3 tasks, in year 8 a minimum of 4 tasks and in year 9 a minimum of 5 tasks. All students will receive a copy of the relevant Home-learning menu in the first few lessons of each half term but copies will also be available on our faculty page. In the last week of every term, students will bring their pieces in to display as part of GALLERY DAY. Prizes and certificates will be given to the best projects in each year group.

In years 10 and 11, students complete specific relevant tasks linked to the AQA GCSE English Language and Literature courses. Some of the types of work they will be completing independently are:

In years 12 and 13, the need for independent study increases significantly due to the coursework element of the AQA Literature B course students will follow. Regular readings around the topic studied in class as well as compiling detailed notes, completing research projects, devising key quotations banks are only some of types of home-learning activities planned.

We are proud to be an active department, organising various theatre trips, debating competitions and in-house events throughout the year. Opportunities are open to all, helping to build competent and confident leaders of the future – who feel they have a voice.


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