Ethics and PSHCE Vision Statement-

Students at Heyford Park Free School have the opportunity to study Ethics and PSHCE in different ways throughout their time with us.  In Key Stage 3, students will have one lesson of each subject per week to ensure that they have access to a wide and varied curriculum.  In Key Stage 4 and 5 students will have several ‘challenge days’ with a specific focus on PSHCE and Ethics.

Within their PSHCE sessions, students from all key stages will be taught key life skills such as money management, health and well-being, healthy relationships and features of law in the UK.  Students will be encouraged to discuss and question what they have been told in a respectful way in order to help with the development of their own ideas and opinions, and in order to help support their development into well-rounded and balanced individuals who are able to thrive in the ever-changing modern society.

In Ethics and Religious Studies sessions, students will be introduced to a variety of different religious and non-religious views on a multitude of different topics, including; ideas surrounding the creation of the universe, ideas on moral and ethical issues such as the nature of good and evil and attitudes on the morality of modern medical advancements.

In Key Stage 3, students will study the main religions of the UK in order to develop and understanding of how the different religious groups are different and how this influences their cultural identity.  Students will have the opportunity to visit local religious sites in order to see this first-hand.

Throughout their time at Heyford Park Free School students will develop and understanding of how and why society in both the UK and the wider world is so diverse, and will leave us as kind, supportive individuals who treat others equally and with respect.

CURRICULUM PROVISION MAP – RE, Philosophy and Ethics 2019-20

Challenge Day Curriculum Document Ethics

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