Humanities Vision Statement –

The humanities and languages department at Heyford Park Free School aims to develop our students into global citizens who have an understanding of the world around them encompassing where we are, how we got here and how and why the world is a diverse and varied place to live.  In Key Stage 3, students will have the opportunity to study the core humanities subjects of History, Geography, Ethics and PSHCE as well as Spanish.  Students will then be able to choose from either History or Geography in Key Stage 4 and those who wish to go down the EBACC route can opt to continue with Spanish.

Within lessons, students will develop key thinking skills such as evaluation, analysis and justification.  Lessons will encourage curiosity, collaboration, and creativity in order to promote, an enjoyment of learning both in and out of the classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to complete a variety of creative tasks as part of ‘takeaway homework’ tasks during Key Stage 3.

Over time, students will be equipped to develop a good understanding of the wider world around them and become well-rounded ‘global citizens’.