Digital Media & Digital Technology

Vision Statement:

Here at Heyford Park Free School, it is our intention to be able to engage and make all things digital accessible to all of our students. We aim to deliver a broad range of topics offering a diverse experience to incorporate themes that are logical, technical, creative and intuitive. Content delivered through our curriculum is intended to help our students with work place preparation or to enter further education. Our main aim is to arm our students with a positive and confident approach to using digital platforms and enable them to rise to any fresh challenges whilst ensuring that they also obtain the knowledge and ability to be aware of their own presence as well as others to ensure good practice towards safety and ethical issues.

At key stage 3, the curriculum encompasses Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Media, embracing a wide range of topics and themes. Our aim is to offer a variety of tasks to allow all our pupils to experience and develop a wide range of skills whilst being able to acquire a good understanding of how life is affected by the digital world we live in.

At key stage 4, the curriculum is split into two distinct curriculum subject areas: Digital Media and Digital Technology.

All classes at key stage 3 and 4 are taught within mixed ability groups.

Digital Media

Pupils choosing to follow the Digital Media programme of study will complete the course offered by NCFE. There are four units of work that must be completed as well as a 15-hour practical exam. They will learn how plan, design and create a mixture of interactive media products and then showcase these within a digital e-portfolio.

Digital Information Technology

Pupils choosing to follow the Digital Information Technology programme of study will complete a B-TEC course offered by Pearsons. There are three components of work that must be completed: two are coursework units lasting 36 hours each and the third is an external practical exam lasting 1.5 hours with a guidance of 48 learning hours.

Computer Science

At key stage 5, we are currently offering A level Computer Science. The exam board for this course is AQA.

This course requires 240 contact hours across two years for the A-level, timetabled as four one-hour lessons per week. Home learning is set both to extend and to reinforce the skills and concepts taught in class.



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Year 7 Digital Technology CURRICULUM PROVISION MAP HPFS (2019-20)

Year 8 Digital Technology CURRICULUM PROVISION MAP HPFS (2019-20)b