Science is an almost infinitely broad subject area, covering our knowledge and understanding of the universe and literally everything in it. Every student has their own “wow” moment waiting to happen and, in the science department, we aspire to find the unique potential in each of them and bring it to life in our labs. Science is not only fascinating to study – understanding the key ideas in biology, chemistry and physics allows you to appreciate how the world, and everything in it, works and interacts.

We work to grow and nourish aspiration in our students, and encourage a logical and scientific approach to thinking that applies both in and out of the lab. Learning the essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science helps students to appreciate how the complex and varied phenomena of the natural world can be described in terms of a small number of key ideas. Curriculum time is dedicated to explicitly developing scientific thinking skills, through the teaching of subject knowledge; “thinking like a scientist” involves problem solving, prediction, accurate observation and common sense – all skills that are highly transferable to many situations and subjects.

Powerful Knowledge and Big Key Concepts


Download “Year 7 Science Curriculum Provision Map (2019-20)” CURRICULUM-PROVISION-MAP-HPFS-2019-20-Yr.7-SCIENCE.docx – Downloaded 199 times – 49 KB

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