Spanish Vision Statement-

Spanish as a Modern Foreign Language is taught at Primary and Secondary level at HPFS, which allows us to ensure a smooth transition from Key Stage Two to Key Stage Three. Our main objective is to promote the early development of linguistic competence and a positive introduction to lifelong language learning, as well as an understanding and appreciation of other nations and cultures. With Spanish being the second most widely-spoken language in the world, learning this subject will not only be a useful communication tool in life, but will also broaden our students’ horizons by improving their future enterprise and employability skills.

Within the MFL classroom, it is consistently emphasised that it is ok to make mistakes. This open environment allows students to grow in confidence and not feel intimidated when speaking in front of the class.  Opportunities for reflection are built in at regular intervals, and the curriculum is designed to build students’ independence and resilience.

A high ratio of target language is used in the classroom and we aim to expose students to authentic language use in real and practical situations to emphasise the value of language as a communication tool.

Students study Spanish twice a week at Key Stage 3 and have the opportunity to choose it as a GCSE option in Key Stage 4 and continue on to study it at A Level.

By the end of their time with us at HPFS we aim to have installed confidence in students ability to converse with others, in both English and Spanish, and also develop students into ‘Global Citizens’ with a good understanding of different World Cultures.



Download “Year 7 Spanish Curriculum Provision Map (2019 - 20)” CURRICULUM-PROVISION-MAP-HPFS-Year-7-Spanish-2019-20-NDC.docx – Downloaded 165 times – 65 KB

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YR12 Spanish SOL