The website provides you with key information about the school and each phase within the school.

Weekly Newsletter

The newsletter provides you with key news including events and celebration of our children; events coming up; any changes to the calendar or new opportunities; news from phases and departments as well as other teams or partners of the school.

The newsletter is sent out weekly via Parent Hub and uploaded to the website.

Parent Hub

Parent Hub is a media app you can sign up to.  Our staff will use this to share information with you.

All our newsletters are sent out via Parent Hub


As our newsletter is our key point of information unless information requires parents to provide consent, we do not send general letters. However, we continue to send individual letters via email when the information concerns an individual child.

Who to communicate with:

We know that school structures vary and this can be confusing.  The table below provides an illustration of key points of contact for you.  Names are available on the staff page.

Primary Secondary
Absence request for unavoidable absence Please complete absence request form and send to
Absence Please ring or email the school office before start of school.  They will pass message to form/class teacher and ensure absence recorded.
Finance information Finance team at the school
Information you need or would like to share about your child or family context Class teacher Form tutors
Concern regarding pastoral care of your child Class teacher Form tutors
Continued concern regarding care of your child Phase leader Head of House
Concern regarding academic provision or performance of your child Class teacher Subject teacher
Continued concern regarding academic provision or performance of your child Phase leader Director of Learning for subject (please see Staff tab)
Unresolved pastoral concerns Deputy Head of School Senior Assistant Principal: Students
Unresolved academic concerns Head of School: Primary Assistant Principal Outcomes
Concerns regarding a member of staff or the response of a member of staff to your concerns Principal Principal
Confidential information you need to share Head of School: Primary



Head of School: Secondary



Safeguarding concerns Please reference Safeguarding tab of website


Complaint Please follow our Complaints Policy found under policies page of website
Facilities Please see Facilities tab to see how to contact our Facilities management Company