Meet the Primary Staff

Head Teacher and Deputy Head Primary

Primary Sarah

Robert MarchantMrs Sarah Nickelson - Executive Head Primary



Mr Robert Marchant - Head of Primary




SEND Department 
Tasneem AdamMiss Tasneem Adam-Ali - Assistant Head-SEND & Inclusion 
Kelly Sutton scaled

Miss Kelly Sutton - SEND & Inclusion MGR/ LAC Admin MGR 




Phase Leads 
H StopperMiss Hailey Stopper - Phase Lead EYFS & Reception Class Teacher

Sadie Ward lores scaled


Clare Jefferies scaled



Miss Sadie Ward - Phase Lead & Year 1/2 Teacher
Mrs Clare Jefferies - Phase Lead & Year 3/4 Class Teacher


Victoria Osbourne 1 scaled



Mrs Victoria Osborne - Phase Lead and Year 6 Class Teacher





Heather bignell

Miss Heather Terry - Reception/Nursery Class Teacher


Sophie Carter



Miss Sophie Carter - Year 1/2 Class Teacher


Headshoulders 132 x 180Miss Yazmin Pearson - Year 1/2 Class Teacher


Headshoulders 132 x 180



Mrs Jade Kirby - Teaching & Learning Lead - Year 3/4 Class Teacher
Headshoulders 132 x 180


Mrs Heather Skinner - Year 5 Class Teacher
Victoria Evans 1 scaled

Mrs Victoria Evans - Year 3/4 Class Teacher






Caron Hillier lores

Mrs Caron Hillier - HLTA & Reception Class Teacher

Caroline reynolds




Mrs Caroline Reynolds - HLTA
Sarah Morgan Harris scaled

Mrs Sarah Morgan-Harris - HLTA
Jenny Jones scaled

Ms Jenny Jones - HLTA


Teaching Assistants

Jennifer Binns

Mrs Jennifer Binns - Primary Teaching Assistant
Jacqueline sawyer e1569234664533
Mrs Jaqueline Sawyer - Primary Teaching Assistant
Annetteperks scaled
Mrs Annette Perks - Primary Teaching Assistant


Tina saxtonMrs Tina Saxton - Primary Teaching Assistant
Joanna Spencer scaled
Miss Joanna Spencer - Primary Teaching Assistant
Kerry Mellor scaled

Mrs Kerry Mellor - Primary ELSA & KS3 Teaching Assistant
Meg Zeyfert scaled

Mrs Margaret Zeyfert - LAC Tutor
Emma turner

Emma Turner - Primary Teaching Assistant


Posted on: 26/08/2022



The staff at Heyford Park School are delighted with the excellent GCSE and BTEC examination results that Heyford students have achieved. These are a reflection of their fantastic commitment and the high-quality teaching they have received.  All our students should be justifiably proud of their efforts through the most challenging of times. We are really proud of the staff and students at Heyford Park School. It is wonderful that their hard work and commitment has been rewarded in this way. 

Headline KS4 figures are as follows: 

  • 29% of grades at Grade 7+ 
  • 62% of students achieved 5+ in English and Maths 
  • 79% of students achieved 4+ in English and Maths    The success at Heyford Park School includes many exceptional individual performances including Chi Ling who achieved five grade 9s, four grade 8s and a distinction, Clorice achieved four grade 9s, five grade 8’s and two grade 7s. Jacob who achieved four grade 9s, four grade 8s, a merit and grade 5. Ben, who achieved six grade 9s, two grade 7s and a distinction. Ellie Ryan who achieved four grade 9s, four grade 8s and a distinction. We are delighted that our students will now be able to move on to their next stage, whether at Sixth Form, apprenticeships or other pathways.  These fantastic results reflect our dedication to nurture students at all levels of ability and reward them for their positive attitudes, hard work and resilience.  Mrs Harris – A year 11 parent said;

    'Thanks so much to all the staff who have taken the time to support Jacob since year 7. The small school ethos has allowed him to thrive and I'm always bowled over by how well the staff know him as an individual. We know how hard you all work and you are very much appreciated'.

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Posted on: 20/07/2022

Heyford Park School celebrates best ever KS2 SATs results

Heyford park student celebrations

As you may be aware, pupils undertake a range of assessments throughout the course of the school year, some of which are statutory. The Department of Education paused these statutory assessments in 2019/20 and 2020/21 before they resumed again this year.

You may have seen some national headlines reporting a ‘disappointing’ fall in attainment compared with before Covid. We are delighted to share with you the overall fantastic news that the Heyford Park School end of Key Stage 2 assessment results (SATS) are our best ever.

This demonstrates the exciting journey that we have been on and is testament not only to the whole staff team, who have been dedicated to improving teaching and learning in the School, but also to the hard work and effort of the children they inspire. We are proud to share some of the headline figures as follows:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Good Level of Development

73% achieved (71.8% National in 2019)

Year 1 Phonics

88% of children passed (82% National in 2019)

Year 2 Phonics

100% of children passed their retakes



81% achieved age related with 45% achieved above


76% achieved age related expectations with 7% above


88% achieved age related with 26% achieved above

71% of children achieved age related in reading writing and maths



77% achieved age related with 21% achieved above (74% National average)


77% achieved age related with 18% achieved above (69% National average)


74% achieved age related with 15% achieved above (71% National average)

64% of children achieved age related in reading, writing and maths (59% National average)


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