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All students should receive the appropriate level of Information, Advice and Guidance to enable them to make well informed and realistic decisions about their future in terms of education and careers.



Heyford Park School believes that students should be appropriately prepared for the choices they make during their education and the choices they make in the future. Students should have an understanding of how their education will prepare them for the world of work. The students should feel confident in making key decisions about educational and career choices and have a clear understanding of the routes to achieve their goal. This preparation should be achieved through a variety of means such as impartial and independent one to ones with a qualified Careers Advisor, careers resources purchased by Heyford Park School and Taster Sessions at local colleges and Universities.

Careers information at Heyford Park School

We offer careers guidance to students from year groups 8-13 at HPS, in the following format:

  • Key stage 3: PSHE ‘Career’ themed days for year groups as part of Drop Down days
  • Key stage 3: PSHE based learning on careers and aspirations for the future
  • Key stage 4: Annual visit to the BMW Oxford hosted Careers Fayre for Year 10
  • Key stage 4: 1:1 guidance for students with our careers service ‘Adviza’. Students have the opportunity of multiple ‘guidance sessions’ with our Adviza member of staff should they want it
  • Key stage 4: Our end of year 10 Work Experience week, working with ‘OXLEP’, aims to provide students with a week’s work experience based on these conversations and other guidance and experience given to them
  • Key stage 4: There is regularly updated information on a wide range of careers and FE opportunities on our Specialisms noticeboard

Careermap is an online career resource that provides live post-16 opportunities, such as apprenticeship vacancies, college courses, university and graduate options. We also offer career advice and guidance so young people can make well-informed decisions to enhance their futures! Check out 1000’s of live opportunities here.


Careers contact: Mr J Hobbs (

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