Business Studies KS4

Business Studies - GCSE

Examination Board:



Exam 100%

Paper 1: Investigating small business (50% of GCSE)

What will you learn?

There are a variety of different units which include;

  1. Enterprise                                                       5.        Marketing
  2. Spotting business opportunities                     6.        Finance
  3. How to make a business effective                 7.        Human resources
  4. Growing business

Who is this course for?

Business studies is an exciting and challenging course.  It will introduce students to the dynamic nature of the business world.  It covers a broad range of topics that are designed to provide students with the knowledge and understanding that underpin modern business.  It teaches students how entrepreneurs turn simple ideas into profitable businesses, as well as how companies operate and make important business decisions on local, national and global scales.   Critically the course encourages students to become enterprising and think creatively in order to solve problems and explore what it takes to be successful in business today. 

The course is, by its very nature, academic.  It will develop critical thinking, analysis and problem‐solving skills through the study of how businesses operate. It will be an interesting way to develop these skills, which can be transferred to other subjects and even applied in day‐to‐day life. In this respect, the course will make an excellent preparation for learners who want to study or work in areas that rely on these skills, especially where they are applied. Because of its academic nature it is only suitable for those students with a real enthusiasm for Business Studies. It is recommended for those students in Maths set two or above.

What happens when you finish? (Career Pathway)

It is the perfect grounding for further study of both A Level Economics and A‐ level Business Studies as well as other related A Levels such as Law and Accountancy.

It is useful if you are interested in careers such as accountancy, banking, marketing, retail management, human resources and market research.

Apart from the obvious increased employability you will gain from having the qualification on your CV, the course aims to equip students with the skills they need to compete in a tough economic climate. It is important today that we show young people what it takes to be an entrepreneur, building students’ confidence, initiative and team working skills (all highly valued by employers).





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